Here we go again…

From Dear Author comes the latest story of the library police banning objectionable books. This time, it involves a cute children’s book titled And Tango Makes Three. It’s about a couple of male penguins trying to hatch an egg. Something about penguins brings out the worst in these guys. Two years ago, Michael Medved slagged the film Happy Feet, claiming it had a gay subtext.

Yes, a gay subtext.

I’m sure a lot of kids bought the book and saw the movie and thought the penguins were really cute.  Meanwhile, And Tango Makes Three joins the list of beloved and admired books that the thought police hate.  Sigh…


One response to “Here we go again…

  1. Richard Hollick

    I don’t know about penguins, but in several species of bird sitting on the eggs and caring for the young is more the responsibility of the male than the female. As we selfish males say, whatever it takes to get your genes out there.

    What can you say about these people? I guess any creature that doesn’t behave just like a rural Virginian is just unnatural and to be wiped off the face of the earth.

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